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Junk Car Removal
Need assistance in removing a junk car? We'll help you get rid of your junk car. Please call 718-336-9020 for all of your junk car removal needs.

Nacmias & Sons Auto Sales Service & Collision is the perfect place in Brooklyn to finally get rid of that rusty old junk car that you just can't seem to shake. At Nacmias & Sons Auto Sales Service & Collision we make the entire process of recycling your ride a breeze. If you're worried your vehicle won't make it down the road to us, simple call 718-336-9020 and we'll discuss hauling it away for you. We can send one of our tow trucks to your property, driven by one of our expert vehicle haulers. Helping you say goodbye to that rusty old mess is just one of our many services.

So you want your old car taken away, but then what happens? At Nacmias & Sons Auto Sales Service & Collision we can recycle a lot of the components that make up that eyesore in your driveway. Cars often fall into disuse because one major component such as the transmission fails. The car becomes useless, too costly to fix, and ends up sitting around and taking up space for a healthier vehicle. However, most of the other major components in the car are still perfectly useable. At Nacmias & Sons Auto Sales Service & Collision, we can remove and reuse engines, wiring systems, axles, suspension systems and brakes to name just a few. We strip your junk car of every single useable part before we send it off to the crusher to recycle the metal that makes up the structure of the vehicle. Now that you know your old junk car will help the environment by being recycled, why not take the social responsibility up a notch? Call today at 718-336-9020 and get the ball rolling on saying goodbye to that ugly old rust box!

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